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    National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day!

    May 7, 2016

    Beginning January 25, 2016, through to March 12, 2016, anyone 19 years or older can apply for an award to conduct Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activities or events. Local fire services are encouraged to take advantage of this great public education opportunity by applying for funds and getting involved in leading communities in activities that will help them learn how to make their neighbourhoods safe from wildfire.

    For instructions on how to enter, contest rules and a full list of contest ideas and submitted proposals, visit the website at www.firesmartcanada.ca.

    Please go to https://www.firesmartcanada.ca/events for more information and details.

  • FCABC Briefing Book 2015

  • Firefighter Injuries in British Columbia

    Firefighter injuries may potentially lead to severe or debilitating health outcomes, especially when incurred at the fire-ground. However, firefighter injuries in the province of British Columbia (BC) are infrequent; with few cases requiring hospitalization or extended medical leave. Read more...

  • FCABC 2015 Strategic Plan - Action Plan

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    Membership in the Fire Chiefs' Association is open to only those persons residing within the Province of British Columbia. Members shall consist of management officers of federal, provincial, regional, and local or an industrial fire service that are responsible for fire protection functions at the policy making or management levels. Active Members shall be voting members and have the right to hold office